Crush Grinding,Crush Form Grinding,Multi-Form Crush Grinding
Crush Grinding,Crush Form Grinding,Multi-Form Crush Grinding


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About Wesval Inc.

Wesval’s origin dates back to 1961; the Wesval name was incorporated in 1980. Our customer base includes companies in the Aerospace, Electronic, Petroleum and After-market Automotive industries.

Our primary business is manufacturing and grinding detail parts for aircraft hydraulic valves. Part descriptions generally fall under the following categories:


Actuating Levers
Transfer Tubes

Wesval has an extensive grinding department and offers grinding services in the following areas:

  • Cylindrical Crush Form Grinding
  • Cylindrical O.D. & Spherical Grinding
  • Centerless & Surface Grinding
  • Universal OD Grinding

We are equipped with charted ovens for stress/embrittlement relief after grinding.

Some of the customers we have served are:
  • Calcomp
  • Chevron
  • Circle Seal
  • Dowty Aerospace
    Los Angeles
  • Eaton Corp.
  • E-Systems/Ratheon
  • Dowty Aerospace Yakima
  • Emco Fluid Systems
  • Fairchild Corp.
  • Garrison Hydraulics
  • H.R. Textron
  • Hoefner Corp.
  • Hyatt Die Cast
  • Loud Engineering
  • Parker Hannifin CSD/Irvine
  • Parker Hannifin CSD/Ogden
  • Parker Hannifin CSO
  • Solutia/Monsanto
  • Sterer Engineering
  • Superior Manufacturing
  • Trico Industries

Our shop is fully equipped to manufacture from raw stock to finished part!
Call us today at 714-870-0990 or e-mail us at

(For a detailed listing of our machinery, please see our equipment list.)


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